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Big Local Community Magazines

The Printed and Online Published Community Magazine.

A well produced and well read community magazine plays an important role in reinforcing your town or suburbs' local identity, near and far.

Don't be afraid to start small. The quality of your magazine is the key to its' success.

No matter where you are in Australia, Big Local have the know-how and capability to manage every aspect of the production of your community magazine. If you can recruit some supportive local advertisers and collate local editorial content, leave the rest up to us.

From advertisement graphic design, magazine layout and design, image sourcing, editorial design and proofing, Big Local can produce your magazine from front to back, allowing you to focus on local content and advertisers.

Community magazines will always have their place and role in helping to boost the profile of your suburb to the broader region.

No matter where you are in Australia, Big Local can help you introduce a community magazine to your suburb.

The Big Local Difference

When adverts and mass distribution are the main aim, everyone loses. It negatively impacts readership and provides little value to the advertiser.

Big Local Magazines are monthly publications and act as a local chronicle, as opposed to weekly publications that focus more on breaking news, which is these days best published online. A Big Local community magazine is rich with relevant, topical local news, that aims to inform and educate.

By publishing a monthly news chronicle and covering breaking news online, we put a focus back on providing value to the most important party in a free community publication, the advertiser.

Big Local magazines are distributed via a combination of strategic letterbox drops and commercial distribution points, providing best coverage and allowing us to accurately measure reader engagement.

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